Anaconda Kiwanis Club

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Statue Description

In celebration of the 100 anniversary of the Montana District of Kiwanis in 2021 and the Anaconda Kiwanis Club in 2022 we have put together a decorated trophy stand. It features local art with Fred Boyer’s Wolf print and Angela Smith’s Sandhill Cranes print.
Additionally, the top features an original “Anaconda of Montana State Capital” pin from the 1880s plus a replica from 1989. Also there are two copper Anaconda key chain arrowheads from different time periods.
Since Kiwanis is an international organization in 80 countries serving the needs of children locally and worldwide, the back of the stand has two international Kiwanis stamps. One from Austria and one from Monaco. There are two Belgian coins on the top from the 1940s.
We encourage you to bid on this stand. Proceeds from this sale go 50% to the Anaconda Club, 25% to the Montana Kiwanis Foundation and 25% to the International Kiwanis Children’s Fund.
All of the money raised is to benefit kids!!

Highest Bidder

Jim Greene

Statue Location

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