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November News from the Governor's Desk

November 1, 2021

What a month October was! It started with a bang with LT Governor’s training in Helena on October 9th and the first board meeting of the new year on October 10th. Thanks to all who attended and made both a huge success. The LT Governor’s were tasked with setting up Divisional meetings as well as educating the clubs in their divisions.

October 14th saw me attending my first Divisional meeting in Billings with Division 4. A huge shout out to Ellen Smith, LT Governor for getting that set up. It was so great to meet so many like-minded people and IGNITE the spirit of Kiwanis in them!

October 28th took me to Anaconda to install their officers. I was very thankful for the opportunity to meet even more great members of the Kiwanis family. Thank you Jim Greene for the invite! They also heard me talk about IGNITING the spirit of Kiwanis.

October 30th was the second Divisional meeting in Harlowton with Division 6. My thanks and appreciation goes to Esther Fischer for setting that one up. Harlowton hosted the meeting and fed us all ending with some fun information and again IGNITING the spirit of Kiwanis!

My travels will take me to Havre on November 1st, Malta on November 16th, and Glasgow on November 17th. I am looking forward to meeting with these three clubs and doing more IGNITING!

So as I continue my plans to travel the state and meet more and more of the great people who make up the Montana family of Kiwanis, I can’t help but wonder, “Why are all these people Kiwanians? What is it that keeps this group going? Is it the meetings, food, and company? I believe it is much deeper than that. They are all dedicated to the betterment of their community and to the children of the world. That is the secret of the bond that we share. Isn’t it a shame that there are so many more folks in our communities who would make good members of the Kiwanis family but have never been asked to join?

Our International President, Peter Mancuso’s #1 priority is to improve the club experience in order to increase the value every Kiwanian finds in membership, as well as to attract new members. I agree wholeheartedly with his statement of recognizing that everything of value in Kiwanis happens at the club level, and that the purpose of every other part of our organization is to help our clubs offer outstanding fellowship and service opportunities to their members.

His second priority is to increase membership. Accordingly “a growing membership means more service, greater fellowship, more outstanding leaders and solves financial problems at every level of our organization. “ We must all work hard to constantly recruit, involve, and educate new members so that we can retain them at the end of the year. Membership is everyone’s responsibility.

New membership incentives: Dues to Kiwanis International and the Montana District for NEW members are now pro-rated by the month you join. The District is reducing their dues from $40.00 to $20.00 on an annual basis for NEW members for their first year. Each club that increases their membership between October 1 and the Mid-Winter convention, will receive a handmade Scott Atwood Kiwanis box. The club can then use the box locally for a fundraiser or award to a member.

As a society, we take every opportunity to celebrate. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and yes we even celebrate a life well lived. Why don't we celebrate Kiwanis? Kiwanis is the most inspiring community service organization in the world. It is the only service organization that supports youth leadership through our SLP's (service leadership programs) such as Key Club and Builders Club, just to mention a few. So what does to celebrate mean? It means to share in the joy. Share in the joy of Kiwanis with someone you know today!

Hopefully, by now you are all aware of the quilt raffle that will be ongoing from now until Mid-Winter. I have donated a King sized quilt for this raffle and ALL proceeds will go to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund (which is a passion of mine). As an added bonus, the club that sells the winning ticket, will receive a Queen sized quilt that they can then raffle off for whatever project they desire.

November is the month we all “celebrate” Thanksgiving.

"Reflect upon your present blessings-of which every person has many-not on your past misfortunes, of which all people have some." -Charles Dickens

Wishing you all a very Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving.

My phone is always on. Do not hesitate to call or email me your concerns and your ideas!

Cherie Neudick, Governor Montana District of Kiwanis, (406) 366-2632

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