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November Mid Month News from the Governor

Each month a division will be featured by me from the information that I glean from the LT Governor reports and newsletters received, to be posted on this website.

This month’s feature is on Division 4, consisting of Golden K, Heights, Billings and Hardin Kiwanis clubs.

I attended a Divisional meeting in October. There were 3 members from Billings Kiwanis, 11 members from the Heights and 8 members from Golden K. The meeting was held at the Pizza Ranch and we all enjoyed a great meal and fellowship with one another. Leonard Dahl gave a very interesting talk on his US Army experiences in World War II. Governor Elect Scott Atwood conducted the meeting.

The Golden K club had a successful Pasty sale on a late, rainy October day with an income of $4200.00. Congratulations to Golden K!

Keep up the good work Division 4!

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