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Happy New Year from the Governor's Desk

It's always hard to believe where the time goes. Already one quarter of the way through my year as Governor! As I continue to serve you in this capacity, I continue to enjoy meeting as many Kiwanians as the weather has allowed. Now that winter is definitely here, my travels will slow down, but know that I am always available and wish to serve. So I ask the question-WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU? The weather did cooperate and allow me to meet with the 3 Butte clubs on November 30 and December 1st. What a great time we had! The speakers from MT Tech at the Butte club were very articulate and engaging in their presentation. The Sunrise club is definitely full of “sunshine" and the Silver Bow club was inspiring to say the least. I know that they all IGNITED me and I hope that I also IGNITED them! December 15th I was able to join Lt Governor Anne for a zoom meeting with Division 9. I was pleased to learn about the projects of the Helena and Great Falls Clubs as well as the success of the Youth Conference. If you are looking to help - check out this project that the Helena Club is involved in - We IGNITED one another! In between storms, I did make it to the Divisional meeting in Glendive where I met with the Miles City, Sidney and Glendive clubs. LT Governor Brandon organized a very thorough and interesting day. We all enjoyed a great lunch and fellowship that included Kiwanis Trivia. The afternoon saw everyone driving to the school to meet with the SLPs for a gift wrapping service project for the veterans home. Thank you, Brandon, for organizing this event and IGNITING all those in attendance.


You don't want to miss this one! You can't even eat out for the cost of the entire convention! Come and enjoy a great time with fellow Kiwanians, some great educational workshops, interesting speakers and a fun Mardi Gras night.

When the Kiwanis community across the state stepped up to help the small community of Denton, located 42 miles north of my home club of Lewistown, it definitely warmed my heart and reaffirmed that I am proud to be a Kiwanian and Governor of this totally awesome group of volunteers.

The generous giving hearts of Kiwanians always delights and amazes me as I learn more and more of the projects that you are all involved in! Keep up the good work into the NEW YEAR of 2022 as we all strive to serve the children of the world!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year filled with family, love and IGNITING all you come in contact with!

My phone is always on. Do not hesitate to call or email me your concerns and your ideas!

Cherie Neudick, Governor Montana District of Kiwanis, (406) 366-2632

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