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Governor's Project Part 2

Following the amazing success of the Governor's Project at Mid-Winter, Cherie has decided to 'grow' into a NEW project leading to District Convention in Lewistown!

All proceeds from the next quilt raffle will be donated to the Montana District Foundation into a special fund for Children with Special Needs. The name of the fund will be Lewistown Kiwanis Children with Special Needs fund. (The Foundation explained that they needed a "home base" for the fund.)

Funds within this account will be used specifically for purchasing equipment that children need to either enjoy a playground (handicapped equipment or audio sensory stations) or enjoy riding a bicycle (special training wheels for autistic children). A committee from around the state will be formed to review applications as they are submitted.

To do good our money needs to 'grow'..leading to the next part of Cherie's challenge to all clubs:

  • You are challenged to develop a NEW fundraiser in your club and dedicate the proceeds to the above Foundation fund.

  • Why new? Because an additional benefit to a new project is recruiting new members!

By doing this challenge, the fund has a great opportunity to grow and benefit many kids across our great state!

As your club develops these NEW fundraisers make sure to let Cherie know so she may attend or email for help promoting your event! Let's help kids across Montana PLAY!

Download this flyer to share with your club!

Download PDF • 102KB

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