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December News from your MT Kiwanis Governor

December 1, 2021 As I continue to spend miles and miles on the road traveling this great state, I continue to meet so many wonderful Kiwanians who put smiles and smiles on my face! I met with the Havre club on November 1st and while they were few in number, they were great in the spirit of Kiwanis and it was a pleasure to IGNITE them and encourage them to increase their membership. I was privileged to be in Malta on November 16th, the night they were "assembling" cinnamon rolls for a fundraiser. It was such fun to be able to join in this activity. I was the one IGNITED by this experience! November 17th, I continued on to Glasgow to meet with the club there. A very cold wind welcomed me and I wondered what in the world possessed me to go to Glasgow in the middle of November! However, once again, I met so many wonderful Kiwanians and was told by some that I did indeed IGNITE them.

As the weather continues to favor traveling, I will continue my journey by visiting the 3 Butte clubs on November 30 and December 1. I am looking forward to meeting with these clubs. Weather permitting, December 18th will see me at a Divisional meeting in Glendive. Many thanks to Brandon for organizing this one. Mark your calendars and plan to attend Mid-Winter Convention in Billings February 25-27. You will enjoy the fellowship of your fellow Kiwanians, great speakers, workshops and even a Mardi Gras celebration. You don't want to miss it! Details will be out soon. Have you been thinking about stepping up to a District leadership position? Now is the time as LT Governors will be elected at Mid-Winter. I encourage you all to think about a higher level of service in this wonderful organization. Volunteering is the most rewarding thing you will ever do. Members remember to communicate with your leaders and leaders remember to educate your members. COMMUNICATION+ EDUCATION= SUCCESS. Let's all work together to achieve a very SUCCESSFUL year in our District. Wishing you all a very Happy & Blessed Christmas season! My phone is always on. Do not hesitate to call or email me your concerns and your ideas! Cherie Neudick, Governor Montana District of Kiwanis, (406) 366-2632

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