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Welcome to the Montana District of Kiwanis! 


October 1 starts the new administrative year for Kiwanis.  In the Montana District of Kiwanis we have 37 local clubs including one in Salmon, Idaho.  I am excited about this coming year because two clubs will be celebrating their 100th year, Billings and Great Falls.  Then in 2021 five more clubs and the Montana District organization will be 100 years old.  As we prepare to celebrate the successes of 100 years, it is time to increase resources and activities to help our youth reach their potential.  We are looking toward developing a more diverse Kiwanis membership that bring new ideas and skills while maintaining our historic values of community involvement and service to youth.


The primary focus of Kiwanis Clubs is local and we have a tremendous variety of activities that are based on local youth needs.  We will be exploring ways to help Clubs increase their positive impact on the community by sharing ideas and focusing resources to maximum benefit while at the same time investing in new future endeavors.  We need to find ways to help teachers be successful in educating students both academically and in community service participation; provide more higher education resource opportunities through scholarships to youth that plan a career with certification programs in trade schools; and then to assist local Clubs with technical and financial resources for unique local opportunities related to community service.


Kiwanis is also an international organization with clubs in 81 countries.  Besides what services the clubs provide in their own countries, the Kiwanis International organization has several programs that help children with health issues.  Specifically, fundraising for Iodine Deficiency and Neo-natal Tetanus Vaccination in poor undeveloped countries.  In addition the Kiwanis sponsored Circle K Clubs at the college level and Key Clubs at the high school level have initiatives to help provide clean water in undeveloped countries.


We have a lot to be thankful for in Kiwanis even as the needs and resource demands continue to increase.  Whether it is opening a new park or playground, establishing a new club in a school or something as simple as reading books to young children, these activities contribute to ensuring success in future generations.


If you like the mission of Kiwanis, we invite you to check out a Kiwanis Club in your area.  See current clubs in the Who We Are tab, then Find A Club.


Jim Greene

Montana District Governor  2019-2020

Kiwanis of Anaconda

CASA - Montana Kiwanis Parnership

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